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This Movie is a poor version of the movie Logan, action very low and I needed a lot of soda and candy to stay awake. My Recomendation is wait for rental at best.

Land (FEB 19th)

Land was actually beautiful to look at and I was very entertain by this movie. I know its not for everyione and it;s predictable but I still had a good time. My Recommendation is a first weak rental.


This movie just sucks ass! Very stupid and lame. I don't give this movie a free pass just because its a video game. It should of been better. My Reccomendation is don't see this movie and ask the theater to pay you to see this.


This movie was a huge surprise for me. This was a fantastic movie and beautiful to look at. I had fun watching this and there is so much to take away from this movie so My Recommendation is go watch this on the big screen.

Chaos Walking (Mar 5th)

This movie will not be in my top 10 movies but I will say I appreciate the original story  line and I had a good time watching it. My Recommendation is if you have nothing to do then go to the movies to watch this. It's a rental for sure.

Nobody (Mar 26th)

This Movie was like John Wick meets Home Alone and then the A-Team joins in. If your angry on the inside and you need to scream then see this movie because this movie will help you to get your aggression out and make feel better. I really enjoyed this movie, its bonkers but its good at the same time. My Recommendation is if you have nothing to do then go see this movie on the big screen.

The Unholy (April 3rd)

This movie wasn't great but it was good enough to get through it. It wasn't scary at all but it did relate to type of world we live in so in certain point of you the movie makes since. My Recommendation is to not watch this at theater but its good enough to rent if your bord, just don't expect miracles from this movie. just eat popcorn and enjoy.

Long Weekend (Mar 12th)

Will this movie did have some time travel in it so it was enough to not fall asleep but after the movie I'll probably never watch it again. My Recommendation: Wait until it comes out on Netflix and borrow you friends password to watch this so you don't have to pay at all.