Unknown Theories: From Flat Earth To New Coke

Whether you believe in Flat Earth theory or you're simply a person who examines the beliefs that are presented to you as fact, it can be interesting to dig into unknown theories and do the research necessary to make up your own mind. Let's take a look at some of the most hotly debated unknown theories in the world today.

  • Flat Earth theory - Some people believe that the Earth is not actually a sphere, but a flat plane. Many people who believe in a Flat Earth believe that the truth about the Earth is being kept secret by a select few people who are in the know.

  • Chemtrails - When you look up at the sky, it's likely that you see several long trails, supposedly left by jets. While the government states that these trails are water condensation, some people believe that these trails are actually chemical agents dispersed by the government for unknown, nefarious purposes.

  • New Coke - Have you noticed that your Coca-Cola tastes different recently? Some people have. Soda enthusiasts allege that the company changed the formula, either in an effort to drive up demand for the original or to replace the original formula with cheaper ingredients.

  • Denver Airport - If you've never taken a look at the Denver Airport, get ready to go down a rabbit hole. Many believe that the airport is over an underground city created by the New World Order, either serving as a current headquarters or an eventual bunker.

There's no question that there are secrets kept from the public - and there's nothing wrong with doing your research to figure out what's true and what isn't. Be sure to check the blog at Gypsy Road regularly to stay in the know on the latest unknown theories.

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