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Through The Veil Paranormal

Join physic medium Nicole Stroud , Lead Investigator Joe White "JAX" and Tech GuRu Becky Roper on an all-new paranormal adventure! See all new places. Learn their haunted history and watch us prove beyond doubt entities exist behind our world!



Hi I’m Amy – Explorer of creepy things and haunted places. Follow my journey across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia as I search for evidence of the paranormal and learn about the dark histories of the world.



Hey everyone, thank you for checking out our channel, BACKROAD HAUNTINGS TV! This channel is operated by John & Shelly, two paranormal investigators who conducts real authentic paranormal investigations at private homes and/or property, at the request of the residents & as well as alleged haunted locations.


Kelly's Unexplained

Hi! My name is Kelly Nickell. My channel is dedicated to the paranormal activity that I have captured on my house cameras. Ran across first one by accident, and strange things have continued to happened. I ordered new cameras, and even more footage keeps rolling in! My mission is preserving history while documenting the strange, paranormal and unexplained. Whether documenting or conducting paranormal investigations, I examine hauntings, ufo sightings, cryptid encounters, cold cases, and much more! If you’re into the paranormal and true crime, please watch, like, and subscribe!