Why Are State Hospitals Hotbeds For Paranormal Activity Stories?

Whether you're active in the paranormal community or you just enjoy reading paranormal activity stories, it's impossible to deny that there are happenings in the world that are difficult to explain with our current level of understanding. According to the paranormal community, one of the most common places to experience paranormal activity stories is state hospitals, especially those that are no longer in use.

It can be hard to say exactly what went on in mental hospitals prior to electronic record keeping, but many of these facilities were hotbeds for abuse, murder, crime, and more. While treatment in mental health facilities today often leaves much to be desired, the unregulated experiments and mental health treatments of years past had the ability to permanently alter the mental health and well being of patients. From lobotomies to electroshock therapy, people in mental health hospitals were often seen as subjects for experiments, rather than people who deserved to be treated with care and respect. Many people who were subject to these treatments were not mentally ill, rather, they were placed in a mental hospital as a result of circumstance (such as homelessness, being a single parent, or going through a divorce).

Many of the stories of patients and doctors in mental health facilities have gone untold, as their stories died with them. Many paranormal activity stories suggest that mental hospitals are heavy with spirits that have unresolved anger and sadness, stories to tell, and an inability to be at peace and leave this world. Abandoned mental health facilities are often the most rife with spirits, as the spirits are unable to communicate with the world due to the emptiness of the facility. When walking into an abandoned mental hospital, many people in the paranormal community report immediately feeling uneasy, as they feel the energy of the forgotten spirits in the air.

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