Did 2014's Hit Movie Interstellar Attempt To Explain Parallel Universe Theories?

Remember the blockbuster hit, Interstellar? Like many parallel universe evidence enthusiasts, the movie likely had your mind spinning with alternate universe theories. Some people who are quick to discredit parallel universe theories think that entering a parallel universe is as simple as jumping through a secret space in a wall - but it's far more complicated than that. Let's take a look at two of the different parallel universe theories brought up by the movie.

Multiverse realities - This theory is one of the simplest to explain in terms of parallel universe evidence. While there are many different parallel universe theories within the idea of a multiverse the principal is generally the same: whichever universe is most likely to exist for us, does. This also means that the existing universe is the one that has evidence that the multiverse is real. In Interstellar, the communication through the bookshelf is an example of two universes within one multiverse beginning to collide.

Possibility as a fifth dimension - Imagine every choice, both that you made and that were made for you, from the moment of your birth - and what could happen if those choices were changed. The idea of possibility as a fifth dimension is explored in the bookcase spiral sequence of the movie. Viewers see the endless possibilities that could occur, all from the tiny decisions that involve the bookcase. The idea of possibility as a fifth dimension is intangible for many, as the possibilities are exponential nearly from the moment of a person's birth. It can also be quite depressing to imagine that tiny choices could set off an entirely different chain of events in one's life.

While some people may be able to sit back and simply enjoy the movie as a story about a journey through space, Interstellar takes on a different meaning for people who understand alternate universe theories, and take the time to keep an eye out for parallel universe evidence.

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