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Tanuj Soodan

                                                      Spiritual Guide and Coach

My mission is to reach quantum levels of consciousness, and to teach inspire, and share my revelations of understanding with the world, so they may evolve and become in greater harmony with the Universe, Nature, and each other. Humanity has forgotten their true nature, as divine sparks of consciousness, and how to connect to the Matrix reality to become a Universal creator.

The Matrix Unveiled was created by Tanuj Soodan. He has been studying knowledge of the Universe, metaphysics, reality, consciousness, energy, spirituality, psychology, and self-actualization, meditation, health, nutrition, and much more, for over 15 years! Here, you can access Tanuj’s creations and online courses, from his YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, as well as private coaching. 

As a spiritual and metaphysical life coach, I will guide you through a private session, to uncover subconscious traumas, unlock and recover soul fragments, inspire and help you discover your life purpose. I also can teach you how to activate your pineal gland, and all other chakras/endocrine glands, within the body.

I also work with the elemental energies, and teach people how to access their innate energetic abilities, such as:

• Aerokinesis (airbending)
• Pyrokinesis (firebending)
• Hydrokinesis (waterbending)
• Atmokinesis (atmospheric harmony)
• Many other esoteric and “psychic” abilities