What Is The Mandela Effect? A Quick Guide For Mandela Newbies

Have you ever remembered something one way, discovered your memory was in error, only to find others who remembered the incident the original way? You're not alone. When a large group of people remember something one way, and it's preserved in history another way, it's known as the Mandela Effect.

The origins of the Mandela Effect are fairly recent: in 2009, Fiona Broome was at a conference. During conversation with others at the conference, the topic of Nelson Mandela's death was brought up. The general consensus of the group was that Mandela died in a South African prison, when in actuality, Mandela was still alive at the time of the conference (he passed away in 2013). Broome talked to others about Mandela, and discovered that they had similar memories of his death, even remembering news reports and a speech given by his widow.

While the origins of the Mandela Effect are clear, the way in which different people experience the Effect vary. Some of the most common iterations of the Mandela Effect include:

  • Many people believe that the iconic line from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs is, "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" when in actuality the line is, "Magic mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

  • Remember the popular books featuring the cute bear family when you were a kid? Many people remember the family in these books as The Berenstein Bears, when in actuality, they were The Berenstain Bears.

  • Many people also have a memory of a 1990's movie called Shazaam starring Sinbad - but no such movie was ever made. There was a movie called Kazaam starring Shaquille O'Neal, but most people who remember Shazaam remember both films.


Do you have any instances of The Mandela Effect in your life? Check the above examples with your family and friends, and see if you can spot proof of what may be different realities, or augmented realities, in your own lives.

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