Ghost Stories: Deciding If Your Home's Ghost Is A Friend Or Foe

If you're dealing with a ghost in your home, you're likely researching ghost stories hurriedly, trying to learn more about the history of ghost stories to figure out what's real and what's not. It can be tough to figure out if the ghost in your home is friendly or if it's a spirit that you don't want around your loved one. Let's take a look at some ghost theories that can help you decide if the ghost in your home is a positive or negative spirit.

When using ghost theories to figure out whether the ghost in your home is a friend or foe, it's important to realize that some ghosts are unaware that they've passed on. Knowing this can help you get a new perspective on your ghost, and can help you be more understanding that your ghost may not be trying to upset you. A ghost may simply want to remain in the home, and may not be trying to bother you or your family.

Pay attention to when you see or feel the spirit of the ghost. Ghosts tend to retain some of their personality from when they were alive. If the ghost was known for comforting others in life, you may feel their presence when you're going through a difficult time. If the ghost was a not so friendly person while they were alive, you may notice that their presence is not comforting - perhaps they appear and are destructive or bothersome during times when trouble is the last thing you need.

While many ghosts and/ or spirits are in your home because they have a history with the physical location, others may be there because of you. Loved ones or others who you've lost tend to appear because they know you want or need to see them, or because they want to give you a message. Don't assume that the ghost or spirit you're seeing is unknown to you, especially if you've lost someone with whom you had an extremely close relationship. While you'll want to research the history of ghost stories in your home, be open to the idea that the ghost may be someone dear to you.

If you have a ghost that you don't want in your home, there are many options for getting rid of the ghost, from simply asking it to leave to using advanced spirit removal techniques. If you're ok with the ghost's presence in your home but no longer want the ghost to cause issues, you can ask them to stick to a certain area of the house, such as the attic or a guest room. It's likely that your ghost will be reasonable - they may be happy to comply with your wishes if you ask nicely.

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