Recent Bigfoot Sightings: The Latest From Sasquatch Searchers

Most people agree that the Bigfoot legend started off as a joke. In 1958, journalist Andrew Genzoli at Humboldt Times, published a letter from a reader that detailed the finding of mysteriously large footprints in Northern California. While most believe that the letter was written in jest, people were fascinated - and to Gezoli's surprise, people from around the world began to share their stories of Bigfoot sightings.

While some Bigfoot stories are easily recognized as hoaxes, others hold more weight. One of the Bigfoot stories that has gotten the most credit for proving the Bigfoot legend in recent years came from a group of siblings out for a hike in 2012 in Provo Canyon, Utah. The siblings thought that they were near a bear, and began filming. As they watched to see what the bear would do next, the creature stood up and began moving toward them - and they abruptly ended the video. While many Bigfoot sightings are debunked as a bear or a person dressed up in a suit, many feel that this video is proof of a legitimate Bigfoot sighting.

Also in 2012 in Provo Canyon, a hiker got a few seconds of footage of an extremely large creature throwing rocks - this is said to be a trademark behavior of Bigfoot. Check out the video here.

In 2013, a Mississippi hunter was hunting on his own property when he came across an unusual creature. Many Bigfoot legend enthusiasts believe that this video may be one of the few real-deal Bigfoot sightings. The fact that the creature is not shaped like a human - with extremely broad and muscular shoulders - seems to be proof that this could be Bigfoot. The sheer size of the creature in the video (especially when it stands up near the end of the video) is further proof that this is not likely to be a person dressed up in a suit.

Whether you believe in Bigfoot or not, it's fascinating to see that similar sightings show up across the United States, year after year. People who spend much of their time in the deep wilderness - such as people who live in wetlands, hikers, and trail runners - often have strikingly similar stories about their interactions with these creatures. One thing can be sure - it seems that while these creatures can be intimidating, they prefer to be left alone, and they aren't afraid to assert their reign over their territory.

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